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Box Storage
We offer economical storage of paper records, medical charts, patient files, and other documents. You pay only for the volume you use, or the services you request. READ MORE
Digital Media Vaults
Take advantage of the climate control, engineered construction, and security measures offered by our media vaults. These vaults are specifically designed for your magnetic and optical backup media. Custom and private media vaults are available. READ MORE
Secure Storage
Our off-site, secure storage facilities are designed to protect your assets and vital records from disaster, deterioration, loss, and theft. Employees at Underground Vaults and Storage are trained to understand the importance of confidentiality. READ MORE
Imaging Services
Contrary to popular belief, scanning paper documents can cost much more than simply storing them - both over the long and short terms. However, when a nurse needs a medical chart immediately, same day retrieval may not be fast enough. READ MORE
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